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We wish all artists, creatives, activists and human rights defenders and all people who are attached to the cultural scene that we all stay healthy and use the time sensibly and responsibly!
Network, be in solidarity with one another and be creative!
Stay healthy!

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Daybee Dee
StarDancer - Choreographer - DJane

I am a multilingual and versatile artist of dance and music.

I'm born and raised in France in the 70's, in the Parisian suburbs.
I am based now for a few years in Berlin, Germany.

Motivated in art creativity, I get involved in the different aspects of artistic production, in the realization of innovative and high-performance projects, the productivity of services, within the cultural and artistic exchange.

Art is my favorite way of expression immersing me in constant inspiration & creativity.
The diversity of my knowledge and artistic experiences is an enrichment for my perception and my directions, giving the background, the form and the original accent to my artistic fiber and my interpretations.


       My experiences include: